Ganya - Ganesha Sketches

It is believed that the shape of Ganesha mimics the symbol ‘AUM; a symbol that represents the primeval sound that was the first to be formed; and from which all the universe arose.

Ganesha among many other things probably defines ‘design’. People have, and continue to portray HIM in as many avatars as one can possibly imagine. HE is given any form, any material… It is believed that even Ganesha doesn't mind having so many avatars. HE is the most loved one.

Ganesha is truly a celebration in design. In his many designs, there is always an element of a message. These sketches are my attempt to explore and depict the many avatars of ‘The Most Loved One’.

So, go ahead, explore and choose. Choose for yourself or as a gift for someone you truly love because a Ganesha is probably the most auspicious gift. It symbolizes a wish for success, wisdom, good luck and a life free of obstacles.

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